L2 Remastered - multiplayer online games open world for the Microsoft Windows platform.

Huge medieval world in which player selects one of 5 existing races when creating character. Choice of race does not determine predisposition of player to any side or faction. Look for associates player will have to join or create clan by his own will.

Whole game is fully translated into three languages: Russian, English and Chinese, switching languages available in game options (for full localization after switching language you need to completely restart game).

Server is international. Players from the CIS, Europe, China and North America play on same server.

Server Exp SP Adena Drop RB Drop Spoil SealStone
L2 Remastered [NEW] x2 x2 x1.5 x2 x2 x1 x1.5
L2 Remastered [UNT] x1 x3 x3 x3 x3 x3 x3
What is remastered version??

These are the best mechanics and game solutions from various chronicles combined together. Remastered version regularly receives updates, developing alternatively from other versions of game.

Below are game decisions that were taken from certain chronicles..

  • Locations - huge, seamless world without the Gracia continent
  • Mobs - Options, Locations, and Behavior
  • Drop and Spoil
  • Game shops in cities
  • Economics and Kraft
  • Character upgrade - max level 81
  • Character Skill Mechanics
  • Effectiveness of legendary jewelry (epic)
  • Rewards for completing tasks for 2 professions
  • An alternative way to get 2 professions (3 million adena)
  • Pailaki, Kamaloka and Labyrinths - with updated awards
  • Element System
  • Grand Olympiad - 55 level accessibility and participation rewards
  • Improving Legendary Jewelry
  • Daily bosses
  • Skills for updating less popular classes
  • Game tasks for clans and groups
  • Promotions and awards for championships and participation in Olympiad
  • Convenient and modern interface
  • Game solutions to improve your character
  • Game solutions for updating value of main game currency - Adena
  • Skills for updating less popular classes
  • Interactive guide for beginner players to help you adapt to game world
  • Making fake and copies of legendary jewelry available for every player
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