Its is time to prepare the dusty weapon, sheath and equipment. They will be useful to you in the hunt for new unique, exping characters and gihts inside the big clans!

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L2 Remastered - An open-source multiplayer online game for the Microsoft Windows platform.

A huge medieval world in which player selects one of 5 existing races when creating a character. Choice of race does not determine predisposition of player to any side or fraction. Player will have to search for allies, join or create clan by his own will.

The game has deep economical system: players can trade among themselves in large markets with resources, equipment and consumables.

Clans and groups of players can fight to capture castles and the best places in farm.

Main trading currencies in world are Adena and Unit.

Whole game is fully translated into three languages: Russian, English and Chinese, language switching is available in game options (for full localization after switching language, you must completely restart game).

Server is international. Players from CIS, Europe, China and North America play on same server.

Server Rates: x3Farming of experience and loot from mobs are increased in initial stages but gradually become more complicated

Opening server chapters

Description of Chapters

Server developing in chapters. There are no restrictions, except for maximum available level in the game.

  • 1st Chapter - Max level 60
  • 2nd Chapter - Max level 75
  • 3rd Chapter - Max level 80

Bellow is chapter status scale on new server:

Opening chapters depends from players. The game detected number of certain specified parameters and, upon reaching certain game tasks, switches the chapter.

On average, opening chapters takes up to 1 month of real time (on first L2R server, 2nd chapter was opened in 19 days).

More about opening chapters

Start Game and Character Development

Character Creation and First Quests

By choosing classification of mage or warrior, player receives set of starting equipment. .

Newbie Guide in starting locations has an task for find Blue Gem and change for additional Soulshots or Spiritshots. .

First safe location is village of races in which you find yourself leaving starting location. In villages, tasks for obtaining Soulshots or Spiritshots are available:

Updated task window

Game has updated task window (ALT+U), which can guide player on further path, even if no quests have been taken from character.

Added additional part with task items:

Window of active tasks has been changed:

Character classification

When creating character has classification of magician or warrior, orcs have classification of shaman or warrior, gnomes can only be warriors.

In game you can develop your profession:

  • Getting 1 profession - quest can be started at level 19 and above and get profession at level 20 and above;
  • Getting 2 profession - first quest can be started from level 35, second from 37 and third from level 39 and get profession at level 40 and above;
  • Getting 3 profession - You can start quest and get at level 76 and higher.
1st profession - available at level 20, after completing of quest. Quest reward: 2nd profession - available at level 40, after completing quests for 3 marks or after completing a shortened quest for 3 million adena Opening 3rd server chapter3rd profession - available at level 76, after completing of quest. Quest reward:

Character’s profession is changed by completing tasks from guild masters.

Creation and extraction of equipment

Equipment for Adena in town stores

Maximum available grade of equipment for adena in city stores - No-grade and D-grade. You can buy it in stores Weapon & Armor Shop any town.

Equipment for D and C crystals at Giran in Luxury Store

In Luxury Store at Giran you can buy Equipment C-grade.

Craft equipment

To create the best equipment, you can craft (or buy from players on market). As rule, to get full bonus from equipment, you need to create set of same equipment in order to get bonus from set.

Each set of armor has its own unique properties. Example: If you collect set of Karmian armor, you will receive bonus to speed of reading spells. Other sets have their own bonuses.

Bonus from sets and needed parts to receive the bonus of set are displayed in description when you press on body:

Needed parts to receive bonuses from kit.

Bonus from collected kit

Craft of RAR-equipment

Every craft has chance to create RARE-item.

More about RARE-equipment

Regular content

Daily Mass Raids

Daily at 21:00 GMT+3 time in 5 different locations, with 5 pieces each, Raid bosses appear.

To kill daily raid bosses, you will need not small number of characters.

There are pavilions and flags next to each place where bosses spawn:

Boss respawn locations are indicated by special icons on map:

Locations in which bosses appear during 1st chapter of server:

  • Gordon Flower Garden - 5 bosses of level 30, for characters from 25 to 35 levels;
  • Рядом с Sea of Spores - 5 bosses of level 45, for characters from level 40 to 50;
  • Dragon Valley - 5 bosses of level 55, for characters from level 50 to 60;

During 2nd chapter of server, bosses are added in location:

  • Ancient Battleground - 5 bosses of level 65, for characters from level 60 to 70;

During 3rd chapter of server, bosses are added in location:

  • Silent Valley - 5 bosses of level 75, for characters from level 70 to 80;

Each participant of raid after death of boss receives:

  • EXP and SP shared between all raid members;
  • Buff of Mass Joy - PVE damage bonus + 10%, EXP / SP / DROP bonus + 10%. Duration - 60 minutes;
  • Guaranteed chance to get chest with fragments of elemental spheres from NPC after death of boss;
  • You can pick up loot from dead boss.

Overlaying effect of Mass Joy after death of boss:

Getting chest with fragments of spheres of elements:

  • Buff is applied to everyone within radius of 1500 from boss’s place of death.
  • If higher level of raid boss, then more fragments of spheres of elements can be obtained by opening chest.

One-time unique dungeons

There are 3 dungeons that can be completed only once alone.

  • Song of Ice and Fire - can be completed at level 36-42
  • Devil's Legacy - can be completed at level 61-67
  • Injured Dragon - can be completed at level 73-77

Entrance to dungeons takes place via NPC in Gludin Town, Giran Town and near of Goddard Town:

Reward for completing each dungeon is EXP, SP and opening +1 slot for talismans:

(slots for talismans are located in inventory)

Daily dungeons

Once day, each character has access to solo and group dungeons.

There are three types of dungeons:

  • Rim Kamaloka - Single character dungeon
  • Hall of Abyss - Group dungeon
  • Labyrinth of the Abyss - Group dungeon

Reward for completing any type of dungeon:

  • Dungeon Tuner Chest
  • EXP and SP

Extra reward for completing Rim Kamaloka:

  • Essence of Kamaloka

Extra reward for completing Hall of Abyss è Labyrinth of Abyss:

  • Loot from boss inside dungeon

Huge, seamless open world

There are no Gracia Islands in game, territory of Kamael race is not involved due to absence in game.

Interactive map is available to select suitable pharmacy location:

Dwarfs race in addition to creating things can evaluate (Spoil) mobs and get additional loot:

Many raid bosses around the world

Bosses appear all over world in various locations, which can be found using interactive map:

Loot from boss is variety of equipment, the higher level of boss - the better loot.

Subclass system

Description of subclass system

All characters have opportunity to choose subclasses, use them fully without any restrictions.

To be able to select and switch between subclasses, two tasks must be completed.

Information about subclasses:

  • Maximum level that can be obtained by being in subclass does not differ from the main class, that is - 80;
  • For subclasses, it is possible to complete quest for 3rd professions.

Getting and switching between subclasses:

  • By choosing subclass you get 2nd profession and level 40;
  • Switching between main class and subclasses take place in Guild Masters;
  • When switching between main class and subclasses, levels are saved.

There are some restrictions when choosing subclass:

  • It is impossible to participate in Great Olympiad being in subclass;
  • In total, 3 additional subclasses are available, total 1 main class selected when creating character and 3 additional;
  • If you took 1 subclass, next one can be selected only if first is upgraded to level 75;
  • Unable to take a subclass of Crafter (Warsmith);
  • Unable to take a subclass of Overlord (Dominator);
  • Elvens cannot choose dark elf profession as subclass;
  • Dark elves cannot choose elvens profession as subclass.

Getting ability to select subclasses

If you have 75th level on main class, you can get possibility to choose subclass.

To select subclass, you must complete two tasks. First task - Fate's Whisper, to get item Star of Destiny and second task Mimir's Elixir, which can only be obtained if character has Star of Destiny.

There are two ways to complete one of final stages of Fate's Whisper quest:

  • Or meet with boss Baium in order to stain dagger with his blood;
  • Or hunt monsters in Tower of Insolence and collect 30 tissues of blood-stained mobs.

Sub-class quest boss respawn time: 10 to 12 hours.

There are two ways to complete one of final stages of Fate's Whisper quest:

After completing both quests, character can choose different profession from any Master in guild:

Certification of main class, subclasses and additional skills

Received level 77 on main class, you will receive message that teleports you to NPC, which will offer you to go through quest chain:

Having completed chain of tasks from 7 quests, character receives reward SP (EXP is minimally present in reward) and opportunity to learn skills for main class.

Skills are learned from NPC Avant-Garde in Ivory Tower:

  • Special Ability - Barrier;
  • Special Ability - Spirit;
  • Special Ability - Defense;
  • And others, list of available skills you can see on NPC.

Together with special skills are transformation skills available? List of skills is available from NPC Avant-Garde.

When 7 tasks are completed in main class - character can learn skills in each subclass, for this he only needs to get level 77 in subclass where skills will be learned.

Skills can be learned on main class and in each of 3 subclasses.

Grand olympiad

Description of olympiad

Grand Olympiad is available in game for characters from level 55 and having 2nd profession.

Grand Olympiad are 1 to 1 fights in one of 3 different arenas:

After registering for Olympiad, there is random selection of opponent and teleportation to arena.

In preparation for battle, time is given to get 5 of 7 buffs to choose from NPC.

After preparation, battle lasts 6 minutes, or until amount HP of one participants goes to 0. If none of participants nit died after 6 minutes, winner is one who deal more amount of damage to opponent.

For participating in battle on Olympiad, character receives items that can be exchanged for useful items in Olympiad shop from NPC Grand Olympiad Manager:

  • Mark of Battle;
  • Olympiad Tokens;

Winning in battles, character takes opponent’s points, character in his class who scored most points becomes hero for whole next cycle and gets heroes advantages.

Registration for participation in battles is available on certain days from 18:00 to 0:00

  • Non-class fights - on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday;
  • Class fights - only on Saturday.

Olympiad is held in cycles, one cycle - 2 weeks.

You can make registration from NPC Grand Olympiad Manager:

In total there can be 31 heroes on server.

Heroes get:

  • Tiara of hero;
  • Ability to choose a hero’s weapon;
  • 300,000 Olympiad Token for purchases in Olympiad shop;
  • Possibility to use chat of hero;
  • Skills of hero.

More about Olympiad.

Shop for participants of Olympiad

When collecting Mark of Battle and Olympiad Tokens, you can purchase useful items from NPC Grand Olympiad Manager:

Daily tasks of Olympiad

Every day, NPC Grand Olympiad Manager updates tasks for Olympiad:

  • Task Olympiad Starter - in total, you can spend 10 battles. Player does not have to win, just participate. Rewards can be obtained for 3, 5 and 10 games. The maximum reward is given for 10 fights;
  • Task Olympiad Undefeated - you need to win 10 games for maximum reward. In case of defeat, the counter will be reset to zero. But also player can receive rewards for 3 or 5 victories, but it is impossible to hand over the second time.

Passing quests, character receives Olympiad Treasure Chest, when you open, you can get a random award and Medal of Glory, which can later be exchanged for Fame.

Upon opening Olympiad Treasure Chest can be randomly obtained:

  • Olympiad Ring Of Ant Queen - validity 2 weeks;
  • Olympiad Earring Of Zaken - validity 2 weeks;
  • Olympiad Necklace Of Frintezza - validity 2 weeks;
  • Warrior's T-shirt - enchant by +4 gives maximum CP;
  • Olympiad Token;
  • Ancient Book: Divine Inspiration (Original Language Version);
  • Giant Codex;
  • Warrior's Quick Healing Potion.

Improvement of equipment and uniques

Extraction of fake legendary jewelry

After death of boss, all participants of legendary raid have a guaranteed opportunity to get chest, by opening which character receives random number of fragments necessary to create Fake Legendary Jewelry.

IMG HERE (НПЦ и ХТМЛ получения осколков)

If stronger legendary boss, then more fragments you can get from chest:

  • Shard Chest - for killing Core, Orfen bosses (56 to 99 shards)
  • Medium Shard Chest - for killing Queen Ant, Zaken (99 to 156 shards)
  • Normal Shard Chest - for killing Frintezza (99 to 299 shards)
  • Large Shard Chest - for killing the Baium (156 to 399 shards)
  • Huge chest with fragments - for killing Antharas and Valakas (from 199 to 499 fragments)

Exchange of fragments of legendary jewelry takes place in Giran in Luxury Store:

Created three identical fake legendary jewelry, you can exchange them for one Replica of Legendary jewelry:

Improving Legendary Jewelry

Improvement of legendary jewelry is available, for this you will need some identical things and Adena.

Improvement takes place in Giran at Luxury Store.

Enchanting Soul Crystals for weapons

From C-grade weapon, you can insert Soul Crystal, which will add passive bonus.

  • C Grade and B Grade weapons - insertion in forge of cities;
  • A Grade and S Grade weapons - insertion from Forge of Mammon in catacombs and necropolises.

If weapon class and grade are higher, then higher Soul Crystal level is required for insertion.

Crystal extraction and upgrade:

In addition to upgrading Soul Crystal, purchase of crystals from level 7 to 10 is available in Giran Luxury Store:

  • To get crystal without level - you must take task from NPC in guilds of magicians;
  • Crystal leveling from level 1 to 10 occurs on mobs, by using a crystal and killing mobs;
  • To increase crystal level, you must use it on mobs in certain locations;
  • Enchant of crystals from level 10 to 11 from kill Raid Bosses;
  • Enchant of crystals from level 11 to 12 from kill Raid Bosses;
  • Enchant of crystals from level 12 to 13 from kill Raid Bosses;
  • When crystal enchant above level 10, you do not need to use it on boss, it is enough that it is in inventory;
  • Be careful, that crystal responds to killing boss in inventory should be ONLY 1 crystal;

Choice for bonus in Weapon from Soul Crystal:

  • When you click on any weapon above D grade, description will indicate possible bonuses from Soul Crystal for this weapon;
  • To get certain effect from Soul Crystal it is necessary to insert crystal of corresponding color into weapon;

Possible bonuses from Soul Crystal

Crystals have three types - Red Soul Crystal, Green Soul Crystal, Blue Soul Crystal.

The most useful effects from Soul Crystal:

  • Acumen - increases speed of reading magic spells +15%;
  • Focus - increases the chance to critically damage from physical attack;
  • Health - increase maximum amount of HP character;
  • Conversion - reduces maximum amount of HP character and increases maximum amount of MP character;
  • Critical Damage - increases damage from character’s physical critical attack;
  • Mana Up - increases maximum amount of MP character;
  • HP Drain - absorbs part of deal damage in character’s HP.
  • Other

Getting Life Stone for weapons and jewelry

By killing mobs in locations, you can drop Life Stone chests.

Starting from character level 46, all types of Life Stone can be inserted into weapons and jewelry.

Types of chests:

  • Life Stone Chest (No-grade)
  • Life Stone Chest (Mid-grade)
  • Life Stone Chest (High-grade)
  • Life Stone Chest (Top-grade)

Opening chests you get Life Stone of random grade, higher grade of chest itself - higher grade of resulting stone.

Types Life Stone:

  • Life Stone
  • Mid-grade Life Stone
  • High-grade Life Stone
  • Top-grade Life Stone

Life Stone are divided in game by grade, but do not limit character in insert by level.

Enchanting equipment

Сhance to drop enchanting scroll from mobs in game is increased, additional places for droping scrolls are also available.

You can enchant weapons, armor and jewelry.

There are two types of enchant scrolls in game:

  • Enchant Scroll - upon unsuccessful enchanting, breaks enchanted item into crystals of grade item;
  • Blessed Enchant Scroll - upon unsuccessful enchanting, it doesnt break item, but resets enchant.

To enchant equipment are divided into types:

  • Weapon Enchant Scroll - used for enchanting weapons;
  • Armor Enchant Scroll - used for enchanting armor and jewelry.

If higher enchanting of equipment, then higher chance to break item forever.

You can safely enchant equipment:

  • from 1 to 3 - any items: weapons, armor and jewelry;
  • from 1 to 4 - full plate armor.

Getting of Enchant scroll:

  • For killing mobs you can drop scrolls of enchant;
  • By Spoiling special monsters you can get scrolls of enchant;
  • Killing specific raid bosses - you can get scrolls of enchant;

Additional places for getting scrolls of enchant;

  • Passing daily dungeons - you can get scrolls of enchant;
  • Castle owners can buy every day limited number scrolls in throne room from NPCs.

Getting stones to increase chance of enchanting equipment

To increase chance of enchant item, you can use stones to increase chance of enchanting.

You can buy stones from prison guard in forts:

System of elements and talismans

Boosting personal sphere of elements

Available boosting personal sphere of elements, it adds bonus to parameters of character if equipped.

If higher level and grade of sphere, then more bonuses it adds. At high levels, the sphere adds bonus to attacking parameters of attribute.

Purchase of first sphere takes place at NPC Hunk near any place where evening bosses appear:

When improving sphere by 1 level, character must choose one of elements for his sphere:

  • Огонь
  • Вода
  • Земля
  • Ветер
  • Тьма
  • Свет

Maximum attacking attribute bonus from sphere is 150.

Improvement of spheres occurs at NPC Hunk near any place where daily bosses appear:

To improve spheres needed Fragment of Elemental Energy, if higher level of sphere, then more fragments are needed.

Fragments are getting from NPC, which appears after death of each daily boss, which marked with green icon on world map:

Talismans of elements

Description will be added later, now talismans are missing in game.

Mechanics of elements

Information is temporarily missing.

Getting of attribute to upgrade weapons and armor

Insert elemental stones in weapons to increase your damage and in armor to increase defense settings.

Attribute stones can only be inserted into S-grade equipment.

During 3rd chapter on server in certain locations, you can droping Fragments of Element Stones:

  • Forge of the Gods Fire Energy Compression Stone
  • Ketra and Varka Water Energy Compression Stone
  • Monastery of Silence Divine Energy Compression Stone
  • Pagan's Temple Dark Energy Compression Stone
  • Primeval Isle Wind Energy Compression Stone
  • Imperial Tomb Earth Energy Compression Stone

Fragment exchange takes place at NPC Yin, which can be found in each city near Gatekeeper:

Elemental stones can be inserted into equipment to increase elemental damage or elemental protection:

  • Weapons - Maximum index of attribute attack is 150, you can insert only one type of element into weapon;
  • Armor - Maximum index of attribute protection is 60, you can insert three types of elements in armor.

Information about inserting stones into equipment:

  • There is chance that inserting of stone will fail: stone disappears, attribute points are not added;
  • Insert into weapon: first stone adds 20 points of attribute, next time 5 points each;
  • Insert into armor: one installed stone adds 6 points of attribute protection.

To insert stone of element into equipment - double-click on it and select item which you want to install stone:

PVP and additional PVE

Raids for legendary bosses

There are 8 legendary bosses with unique loot in game.

1 server chapter - level 60, 2 server chapter - level 70, 3 server chapter - level 75:

  • Core - respawn 34-37 hours
  • Orfen - respawn 34-37 hours
  • Queen Ant - respawn 1 day fixed: 21:00
  • Zaken - respawn 2 days, helper spawn: 22:30

Legendary bosses with a fixed level:

  • Frintezza - 80 level, respawn 2 days fixed: 21:00 - 23:00
  • Baium - 76 level, respawn 5 days fixed: 20:00 - 23:00
  • Antharas - 99 level, respawn 8 days fixed: 21:00 - 22:00
  • Valakas - 99 level, respawn 11 days: 22:00

Loot from legendary boss is large list of equipment, scrolls of enchant and useful things, as well parts of same jewelry, which increase owner’s parameters and which can be improved:

  • Ring of Core
  • Earring of Orfen
  • Ring of Queen Ant
  • Earring of Zaken
  • Necklace of Frintezza
  • Ring of Baium
  • Earring of Antharas
  • Necklace of Valakas

Castle sieges

Every 2 weeks on Sunday take place castle sieges.

There are 9 castles in game world, depending of server part lock lists are available:

  • 1st chapter - Available castles Gludio, Dion, Giran;
  • 2nd chapter - Available castles Gludio, Dion, Giran; Schuttgart, Oren, Innadril;
  • 3rd chapter - Available castles Gludio, Dion, Giran; Schuttgart, Oren, Innadril, Goddard, Aden, Rune.

Siege lasts 2 hours; siege registration takes place at NPC near castle. Time of first siege is take place by NPC, next time sieges dates are selected by players from two proposed dates, or are set automatically if leader has not decided on his own.

To capture castle, one of the registered attacking clans must go to throne room and leader must use castle artifact skill:

Leader of clan owning castle has right to establish tax in towns of them territory from 0 to 15%. Tax will be sent to treasury of castle, which leader can control.

Clans of level 4 and above can participate in sieges of castle.

Bonus and reward in castles

Clan leader can get Crown of the Lord in throne room, and all members of clan can get Circlet of castle.

Once day, clan leader who owns castle can buy items in throne room for Adena. If higher rank of castle, then better rewards leader can acquire:

In the vault of castle are available dungeons for clan groups:

  • Castle Rim Pailaka - for group of players who take quest Awl Under Foot;
  • Castle Prison - for group of players who take quest Hope within the Darkness.

After successfully completing dungeon quest, character can receive Knight's Epaulette, which can be spent on useful items:

Clan groups can enter in dungeons once every 4 hours.

Territory wars

First territory wars begin immediately after end of first castle sieges.

Territory wars lasts 2 hours.

All next territory wars take place 1 day before siege - that is, on Saturdays.

Each castle has its own flag, which adds certain bonuses to all members of clan that owns castle:

  • Ward of Gludio - STR+1 / INT+1 (СИЛ+1 / ИНТ+1)
  • Ward of Dion - DEX+1 / WIT+1 (ЛВК+1 / МДР+1)
  • Ward of Giran - STR+1 / MEN+1 (СИЛ+1 / ДУХ+1)
  • Ward of Oren - CON+1 / MEN+1 (ВЫН+1 / ДУХ+1)
  • Ward of Innadril - CON+1 / INT+1 (ВЫН+1 / ИНТ+1)
  • Ward of Schuttgart - CON+1 / WIT+1 (ВЫН+1 / МДР+1)
  • Ward of Goddard - DEX+1 / INT+1 (ЛВК+1 / ИНТ+1)
  • Ward of Aden - DEX+1 / MEN+1 (ЛВК+1 / ДУХ+1)
  • Ward of Rune - STR+1 / WIT+1 (СИЛ+1 / МДР+1)

After first sieges, castle flags will be added to game world and their owners can be tracked in interactive world map:

Players registered to participate in Territory Wars can steal flag from castle and transfer it to castle they are playing for (registered).

Flags are in throne rooms of castles.

To take flag in his hands, it is necessary to attack him with physical attack, to transfer flag to his castle, player with flag in his hands must apply transfer skill to tent, which leader of clan who owns castle must set up.

Clan’s tent can be set up only in combat zone next near castles.

If clan leader has set up tent, clan members who died in war zone can resurrect next on tent.

Flags cannot be moved outside combat zone of castle.

Clans that own castles are automatically registered to participate in territorial wars. Leader of clan who does not own castle - can register all members of his clan with NPCs in cities for certain castle.

Players without clan can register for any of castles to participate in Territory Warriors.

Fortress siege

Clans of level 4 and above can capture forts in order to use them as clan bases and take advantage of them.

Clan that owns the fort receives certain passive skills, which some character’s options increase.

At forts, dungeons are available for groups of clan members every 4 hours. Having completed task in the dungeons, group's players receive Knight's Epaulette, which they can spend to purchase useful items from the Jailer:

Location of forts can be found on map, they are marked with flags:

Siege starting 1 hour after registration of first pretender for capture. To capture fort, clan needs to destroy all captains inside fort, their location is indicated on interactive map, capture flag of fort, which is located on 2nd floor inside main building of fort, and use ability of flag of fort on obelisk located on roof of fort:

Registration for siege takes place at NPC patrol road near fort (Suspicious Merchant).

Economical system

Towns Trade Tax

Description will be added later.