best of all chronicles
in one game

Locations - a huge, seamless world without the continent of Grace
Mobs - parameters, locations and behavior
Drop and Spoil
Game shops in cities
Economy and Crafting
Character leveling - maximum level 85

Character skill mechanics
Effectiveness of legendary jewelry (epic)
Rewards for completing tasks for obtaining 2 professions
An alternative way to get 2 profession (3 million adena)
Pailaka, Kamaloka and Labyrinths - with updated awards
Elemental System

Grand Olympiad Games - Level 55 Availability and Participation Rewards
Upgrading Legendary Jewelry
Daily bosses
Skills for updating less popular classes
Game tasks for clans and groups

Encouragements and awards for championships and participation in Olympiad Games
Convenient and modern interface
Game solutions for character improvement
Game solutions to update the value of the main game currency - Adena
Skills for updating less popular classes

An interactive guide for novice players to adapt to the gaming world
Creation of fake and replica legendary jewelry available for every player

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