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What is the remastered version?

These are the best mechanics and game solutions from various chronicles combined together.
Remastered version regularly receives updates, developing alternatively from other versions of the game.

Below are those game decisions that were taken from certain chronicles.


Game client - Salvation, modern and optimized.


  • Locations - a huge, seamless world without Gracia continent
  • Mobs - Stats, Positions, and AI
  • Drop and Spoil
  • Game shops in towns
  • Economics and Craft
  • Character expirience - max level 80

High Five

  • Character Skill Mechanics
  • Effectiveness of legendary jewelry (epic)
  • Rewards for completing quests for 2 professions
  • An alternative way to get 2 professions (3 million adena)
  • Pailaka, Kamaloka and Labyrinths - with actual awards
  • Element System


  • Great Olympics - Level 55 accessibility and participation rewards
  • Improving Legendary Jewelry
  • Daily bosses
  • Skills for updating less popular classes
  • Tasks for clans and groups


  • Rewards for best fighters and participation in Grand Olympiad Games
  • Convenient and modern interface
  • Game solutions to improve your character
  • Game solutions for updating the value of the main game currency - Adena
  • Skills for updating less popular classes


  • An interactive guide for beginner players to help you adapt to the game world
  • Making fake and copies of legendary jewelry available for every player
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Game description

  • Classic economy
    Get resources, trade in the market and capture sources of the best items and resources.
  • Equipmentfrom
    D to S84 grade
    Concise and classic equipment. Scrolls of modification improve armor sets.
  • Fair balance
    Playing in any class.
    Do not feel unnecessary, even on your favorite support or tank.
  • The maximum level is — 85
    There is nothing superfluous, except for classical development.

Resources are obtained when hunting mobs by Drop and Spoil,
to create equipment you need a dwarf manufactory.
Huge opportunities to trade resources, equipment or valuable items.

Get resources and complete tasks to craft classic equipment.Improving sets with modification scrolls by +3 / +4 / +5 / +6 ... +9 - you get a bonus sharpened set.

Remastered - this is a version of the game in which the uniqueness of each profession.Playing in any class.

Classical character development.Get experience killing mobs, complete classic tasks on 1, 2 and 3 professions.

Server chapters


The server develops in chapters that open every two weeks.

Chapter Restrictions

  • Original penalties for level differences between mobs and players;
  • Original restrictions on the minimum levels for starting tasks from the NPC;
  • Status of a Nobleman can be obtained on the 2nd chapter of the server.

What is not limited

  • There are no restrictions on locations;
  • There is no restriction on mobs, bosses and shops - all fines are set by the standard difference in level between mobs and characters;
  • The key skills of the characters are adapted for the chapters of the server and are studied much earlier than on other chronicles, so that the gameplay is complete on the 1st and 2nd chapter of the server.

Extraction of unique consumables

  • Farm magic lamps

    Killing mobs - charge magic lamps!
    o get a reward when opening the lamps.

    The more experience a character receives, the faster his magic lamps accumulate.

  • Opportunity to sell items

    To open the lamp - you need to pay Adena fortune-teller NPC.

    Getting unique items - you can use them or sell them in the market.

Character development


Game independently notifies you of current tasks.


You will always know what to do next and where to find the right NPC.

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Character Enhancement

When hunting for monsters, you will receive game currency and various items with which you can improve your character.

Explore different points in the game world to get the items you need or exchange them in the market.

Affordable Improvement

Extra incentive to hunt mobs

When hunting for mobs, you not only gain experience and gain game currency - but also accumulate points of the Magic Lamp.
New systems allow you to keep the gaming economy in good shape in the long run.

  • Accumulate Magic Lamps
  • Complete daily mission
  • Fortuneteller in the city of Giran will help you create useful objects, scrolls of equipment modification (Magic Lamps are necessary).

    Pay for Fortune teller
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Fight for boss

Bosses around the worldJoin groups through the game interface or fight bosses in your permanent group.Get weapons, armor and useful items challenging bosses.

Alternative epic bossesDuring the appearance of epic bosses, only emerging clans and groups have the opportunity to challenge the Alternative Bosses.Drop and jewelry bosses are much worse than the original.

Epic bossesBest clans and groups fight for unique items that can be obtained by killing legendary bosses.Fixed-evening time the appearance of epic bosses.

  • Monday
    Queen Ant
  • Tuesday
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday
    Queen Ant
    1 week: Antharas
    2 week: Valakas

From Monday to Thursday - respawn epic bosses and alternate epic at the same time.

  • Drop Epic Bosses
    Bosses for which organized, large clans and communities can fight.
    During the farm raid - characters have the status "Flag" and are ready for PVP.
    Original epic jewelry (Max. Level)
    Drop Chance - 100%
  • Alternative Boss Drop
    Bosses for which they can fight LESS large clans and communities.
    Respawn bosses in parallel with epic bosses in a neighboring location, at an equal distance from the teleport.
    Original epic jewelry (1 level)
    Drop Chance - 30%

An upgrade to epic jewelry is available at the Girana Luxury Shop.

Epic boss example

  • Original
  • Alternative

Olympiad Games

Competitive fights Player vs PlayerOlympiad Games are for the player, not for organizations.Enjoy equality and flexibility instead of commitment.

  • Prizes for winners
    Heroes for whole cycle
    • Actual weapon of hero
    • Hero skills
    • Hero Aura and Hero Tiara
    To best participants
    • Passive skills
    • Reward Chest
  • Conditions
    Fair system
    • Heroes cycle - 1 week
    • Saturday fights
    • Cycle change: every Saturday
    • Fighting time: 16:00 - 00:00
    • Fights per day: 40
    • Point transfer: maximum 10
  • Rewards to participants
    Reward for Match
    • Battle Mark for every battle
    • Items for Battle Mark
    • Daily quests
    Reward for Win
    • Winner Mark for Victory
    • Items for Winner Mark
  • Carrying out

Castle Sieges

Territorial WarsOnly clans that own castles participate in the war.Capture Flags
  • Flags of castles return to their castles during the start of each territorial war.There are no assignments related to the Territorial Wars to obtain jewelry and other goods.

Castle SiegeSieges of all castles take place simultaneously.Available Castles
Capture available from chapter 19 castles

  • Sunday
    Territorial wars
    Duration 1 hour
    19:00 - 20:00
  • Sunday
    Castle sieges
    Duration 1 hour
    20:00 - 21:00
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Seven signs, necropolises and catacombs

Classic Seven Signs
Начало соревнований1 неделя, понедельник 18.00
Период соревнованийРегистрация за одну из сторон,
сбор Камней Печати,
участие в Фестивале Тьмы
Завершение периода
2 неделя, понедельник 18.10
Подведение итогов,
начало действия Печатей
2 неделя, понедельник 18.15
Период действия
Победившая сторона получает преимущества,
проигравшая сторона получает штрафы
Завершение периода
действия Печатей
3 неделя, понедельник 15.45

Daily bosses

Bosses for solo players and groups

Regular raids 3 times a day at 14:00, 20:00 and 02:00.

How to get and not miss?

A notification window will appear next to the in-game minimap.
It is possible to teleport from any Gatekeeper to beginning of any location.

Dream world

Defeat the mysterious power of darkness and get a reward from the inhabitants of the dream world.

Complete three unique quests.

One-time tasks.

TitleRequired levelReward
Pailaka - Song of Ice and Firefrom 36 to 42
Pailaka - Devil's Legacyfrom 61 to 67
Pailaka - Injured Dragonfrom 73 to 77
Dungeons for single player or groups

Kamaloka is part of a mysterious dream world in which volunteers can gain experience and trophies.

1 time per day for 20 minutes.

You can enter only by yourself.A closed room in which the traveler has to destroy mobs.For characters
from 23 to 78 levels

Group Kamaloka
You can enter only in a group.An enclosed space in which a group of travelers will destroy the boss.For characters
from 23 to 78 levels

Abyss Labyrinth
You can enter only in a group.The maze that a group of players will need to go through and destroy several bosses.For characters
from 23 to 78 levels
Performance Reward
Special Hunting Areas Guide
Always available in the game interface, it will show you special zones

Fortress sieges

Enter or create a Clan to capture the Fort

The fort owners have the opportunity to learn additional skills for the clan, enter the dungeon of the Fort and open access to the goods of the merchant of the fort.

Coming Soon

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